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Most of the people in the world don't know the relation between the human activities with the above subject. Although you know the process of the creation of our earth but we don't know how the activity of human depends on the total contents of the human body which consisting of only chemical particles. As the composition of earth is also a consulate matter of various types of multi-quality ingredients,  So creation of human from amoeba is an evolution due to reaction of chemical particles during entire procedure from hydrogen, oxygen, water, mosses, amoeba, primates, early man to at present civilized human and human civilization, we also know that speed of growth of human civilization did not grow equally in all parts of the world, the cause is only the contents of chemical particles in human body due to contents of  earth, water and climate etc. For e.g., civilization in Iraq, Indus civilization, Maya in Mexico which are scattered throughout the world.

The present hi-tech civilization is nothing but the hi-tech activity of human which is also scattered unequally throughout the world, such as, some USA based some Europe based and now to some extent to china based. So although the primitive civilization not created in this present hi-tech area i.e. USA, Europe and China, the human of those primitive civilized area gone around the world for such area where speedy development will be possible. This type of mental activity grown among some human due chemical reaction of various materials of their human body that particular area is not suitable for better and speedy development, so they goes outward and choose a suitable, habitable place where new invention of speedy growth of human activity is possible. As the composition of earth is favorable unfavorable in various parts of the world and the suitability and activity of human will mostly adjustable at that particular place where Vastu Science/Vastu Situation i.e. climate earth, sunray, water which are most vital for this has a direct relation with the human cell for their activities.

Vastu: a result oriented science

Vastu Sastra is yet to be fully discovered and systematized. That is the reason some intellectuals feel dispensed towards dismissing it as totally irrelevant, baseless, even superstitious. However Vastu Sastra has stood firmly in the backdrop of evolution of history of modern science and it continues to provide amazing powerful results on hundreds of people on their lives and work.

In the contemporary phase of drastic modernization, the value of Vastu Sastra is very much applicable. The effects, good or bad, which have been associated with a particular direction still find relevancy in this era of urbanization.

Even in the concrete landscape of Mumbai, if the principles of Vastu are enforced, people can obtain amenable results. Therefore, it has been rightly explained in the Vedas eternal science. The Vastu teaching are not only applicable for flat system, but even in two-room tenement chawl system, one can experience good results and get relief from troubles.

In the ready constructed buildings, a common man is incapacitated in ensuring structural changes. If at all he effects changes in the arrangement of rooms, he can eliminate the ill-effects only to the extent of 30 to 40% and gain about 25 to 30% positive results. Vastu is very much advantageous to any grief-stricken and financially over-burdened family.

Unfortunately, modern builders  and architects never bother about the well-being or happiness or the people who purchase a flat and resides their for years. I do not held them responsible as they have never paid heed to this age-old science. Their only concern is to ready the design of the building and do construction work as fast as possible, and after completion their job is over. But no, this should never be the attitude of an architect. And that is why Vastu Sastra explains as to how an architect should be.

In the construction of flat, house or a building, the happiness of the buyers from every angle given prime importance in Vastu Sastra. Orientation of any structure in line with the cardinal principles of every direction is a necessary aspect while planning the constructions. Family or an individual, after occupying a flat, house or a bugalow, must lead a happy and peaceful life, and this would be made possible only if the principles outlined in Vastu Sastra are implemented by architects and builders.

An important question is raised in this regard. Why is importance given to the selection of land in Vastu Sastra? Just as in the case of human body, the mind or brain is supreme, so also in the case of the earth some parts of the land is supreme, strength-wise. That means one can show his supremacy over others by residing thereon or by performing tapas there.

Besides the selection of land, equal significance is given to water. It may be in the form of a well or borewell or storage tank. It is not possible for anyone to change the river, stream or rivulet. But digging of well or borewell or construction of a storage tank is within one's power. However, the direction of such water place is very crucial. A well or borewell in the south-east, south or south-west direction results in misfortune, while if it is on the north or north-west direction it will give riches.

The difference between astrology and vastu is that astrology gives general direction of one's life. It defines one's weakness, tendencies and strength, which one can try to overcome by improving oneself and minimise the weakness through efforts. It gives some solace to one in difficult circumstances.

By using the principles of vastu one can definitely improve his/her financial stability and also relationship with the outer world. Once you make the necessary and requisite changes in your house or workplace, other things automatically will fall in place.

Therefore, from the above discussion it is conveyed  that implementing the vastu science and following it in practical life will usher in tremendous change for all types of development. Of course the person concerned is requested for an appropriate guide who is very rare in the world.

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Patients are requested to come here in case where recognized and famous doctors and hospitals fail.


CONDITIONS FOR TREATMENT UNDER BEST (Benevolent With Extreme Satisfaction & Trust)

1.Minimum 25% of the total contract amount to be deposited first, then treatment will be started

2.At least one doctor (hakim) will conduct treatment of the patient.

3.In special cases more than one doctors (hakim) may conduct treatment constituting a team.

4.If doctors(hakim) are to go, anywhere other than Head Office area (KOLKATA) then actual expenditure for T.A & D.A to BE BORN BY PATIENT, by prior appointment.

5.Doctors (hakim) fees are Rs.500 in head office area and Rs.1000 in others.

6.As per nature of diseases a guarantee period will be given (list enclosed) for minimum result. After expiry of the guarantee period for minimum result, if the patient is not satisfied with the treatment, he/she may withdraw the amount so deposited after expiry of that period. If satisfied then have to deposit rest 75% (installment in special cases) of the contract value and treatment will continue for recovery.

7.If required the contract will be made between Chief hakim and proprietor with the Guardian.

8.Guarantee will be given depending upon the merit of the individual cases. However patient may take treatment without guarantee with less expensive amount.

9.Regarding fitness of the patient the declaration of our hakim is final and binding. However fitness certificate given by any will be considered.

10.During continuation of the treatment if patient/guardian do anything which may negatively effect relief of the patient the deposit money will be forfeited immediately and treatment will be closed.

11. All the procedures i.e.

  • Ayurvedic Home Remedies
  • Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies
  • Unani Medicine
  • Vastu
  • Pranyam
  • Vedic System
  • Ayurved
  • Yogasan MUST Be Followed Any Deviation Prior Approval Of BEST

12.BEST reserve the right for inclusion, exclusion, modification, for any terms and condition in the agreement /treatment clauses or sub-clauses

13.Treatment will be done at the house of the patient.If oft. for stay at kolkata have to pay Rs.1000 per day in a double bedded room, but will have to wait as per sl. no.

14.Up-Dn fare T.A & D.A. of hakim two assistants one executive to be born by patient, but in Kolkata only Rs.500 for hakim and Rs.250 for two assistants each.

Organization Chart:-
                                                Chief Adviser (Hony.)
                                                         General Manager
                                                         Chief Hakim
                                                       Office Secretary
                                                    .______..|.__.__ _  _
                                                    |              |                 |
                                            Marketing    Hakims     Accountant

All communications query tele. call to Office Secretary telephone no.7872030941.

Actually ours is a voluntary organization. Due to shortage of sufficient fund we are not in a position to continue it as voluntary.  So, we are going to continue it as a commercial service organization from 01.01.14 all over India. But if we get sufficient donors we may consider to work like earlier subject to certain conditions.